Greek Triangle "Clay" Composite Sample Set

  • Sample set includes one of each color (10 chips total) with sample labels applied.
  • Introducing our new alternative to ceramic chips! These are "clay" composite chips - "clay" is in quotes because these are not 100% clay, but offer a similar look and feel to a traditional clay casino poker chip, and are heavier than ceramic chips. You may see these chips listed at 13.5g on many websites, however our scales say these are 12g chips. These chips are available in ten colors, with a 1 inch vinyl laminated label on each side.

    • These feature 3 colors per chip (base color, triangle edge spot color, and straight edge spot color) and are available in 10 color variations. The design circling the chip is often referred to as a "greek key mold" and is indented or 'recessed' into the material.
    • Composite "clay" material with vinyl laminated labels.
    • Casino size (39mm) and 12g weight.
    • These chips feature aligned edge spots by default!

***PLEASE NOTE: We do not manufacture these chips in house (we only print the labels). Because of that, we do not have control over color changes with these chips, and from batch to batch, we do see slight variations of shades of color.