Semi-Custom Golden Dragon Poker Chip



 Price per chip (USD)
 100-499  0.80
 1000-2999  0.70
 3000+  0.65

Now you can use the Golden Dragon design and have any denominations or colors that you want. Looking for a $2 orange chip? A $1 blue chip? How about a $5,000 red chip? No problem! We can also customize the "Golden Dragon" text.

When you order, just write in the comments box what denominations, colors, quantities and custom text that you want. 

  1. Since these are custom printed chips, there is a minimum order quantity of 25 chips per denomination.
  2. The denomination can be anything you can think of. $2, $8,000, $10, $15,555,....
  3. There does not need to be a dollar or cent sign.
  • Casino quality full color ceramic poker chips.
  • High-density, single composition material.
  • Casino size and weight (39mm and ~10g).
  • No stickers, labels, inserts, etc. The image is actually embedded within the chip and not on top of the chip.
  • Within an order you can have several denominations/colors, as long as you order a minimum of 25 of each. The price per chip is based on the total quantity you order.
  • Orders are printed on demand and take approximately 2 weeks to ship.

PLEASE ENTER YOUR DENOMINATIONS, COLORS & QUANTITIES IN THE BOX BELOW (MINIMUM 25 CHIPS PER DENOMINATION REQUIRED). You will receive a digital proof showing your semi-custom denominations to approve prior to production.