Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What are ceramic poker chips?

Ceramic poker chips are actually a blend of ceramic material and high density polymer (no, they won't shatter like a ceramic mug!). This combination makes them extremely durable.

There are no stickers or labels used on ceramic chips - the designs are heat pressed directly into the material using a process called dye sublimation. This means that the designs are permanent and cannot be removed or peeled off. Ceramic chips are FULLY customizable - the entire front, back and edge design are printed with your custom graphics. There are no specific borders, colors, or designs that you have to choose from - the chips start out completely blank white. This gives you a ton of freedom with design, and also makes ceramic chips one of the most secure poker chip options on the market for casinos, card rooms and poker clubs. No one can buy the same exact style of plastic or clay chip, add their own label and sneak them in a stack - your ceramic chips will be unique to your game. 

Do you offer more than one style of ceramic chip?

The vast majority of our chips are printed on our house smooth ceramic blank, including all custom chips. The only exception to this is the Nevada Jacks chip line, which includes the Nevada Jacks Skulls, Saloon Series, and Desert Sands. These three designs are printed on the classic Nevada Jacks textured blank, since these are long-standing ceramic chips that have always been printed on textured blanks. We can print any designs on our textured blanks upon request, however we personally feel our smooth blanks are superior, and there is no difference in cost. The textured chips are actually more slippery, and slightly thinner and lighter than our smooth chips. The designs also print slightly less clearly on textured chips.

Do you offer sample sets?

YES! They are available here. And we highly recommend purchasing them before you make a decision on your chips. A full set of chips is quite heavy and is expensive to ship back to us if you change your mind, and semi-custom and custom chips absolutely cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances. Once the designs are pressed into the chips, there is no way to change or remove them.

What are "aligned edges"?

We've got a detailed page explaining that here.

How long will it take my order to ship?

We aim to ship the following items in 1-2 business days: sample sets, specialty chips, chip storage, dealer buttons, and prototypes. All other chips (loose chips, bundle sets, custom and semi-custom chips and plaques) will take about 2-3 weeks to produce prior to shipping.

Can I return my chips?

Returns will only be accepted if returned unused, in original packaging with return shipping within 3 days of delivery. On return items, original shipping costs will not be refunded. Shipping charges for all returned items are also the responsibility of the customer. No refunds will be issued until returned item has been received. Semi-custom and custom orders are not refundable or exchangeable. Refunds take up to 2 weeks to process depending on your bank.

Custom Chip Information

What is considered 'print-ready' artwork?

Print-ready means it is ready to print. Your artwork should be already set up as a chip (not a collection of logos or ideas), should not need any changes before being printed, and high enough resolution to print (we're happy to take a look to be sure - just email your artwork to 

We recently added stock chip templates that you are welcome to use if they will work for your project. We can help with placing your logo/image/text/etc into these templates. You can view and download the Adobe Illustrator template here: Chip Templates

If you need fully custom design work, we are happy to recommend a designer for you, just contact us here

I have my own graphic designer. What files do you need?

You are more than welcome to use your own designer! Here is some general information regarding file types and requirements:

Vector artwork:

If you design in vector format (preferred, but not required) it is best to send us the original, editable or layered files (.ai, .eps, or .pdf with editing capabilities). This way we can make any small tweaks as necessary for production to ensure the best quality print.

Raster artwork:

If designing in Photoshop or other raster software, it is best to provide us with the original, layered or editable files (.psd or Photoshop pdf with editing capabilities). These should be in CMYK color mode, at 300dpi and at least 1.5 inches in diameter. See exact sizing specs below. If layered files are not available, we can also use .pdf, .jpeg, .png, or .tiff files. 

Sizing specifications:


Face: 1.565" diameter
Edge: 4.92" x .133" (please ensure edge text is in all caps, and no taller than .075 inches at print size)


Face: 1.704" diameter
Edge: 5.33" x .133" (please ensure edge text is in all caps, and no taller than .075 inches at print size)


Face: 1.868" diameter
Edge: 5.83" x .133" (please ensure edge text is in all caps, and no taller than .075 inches at print size)


Face: 1.96" diameter
Edge: 6.11" x .223" (please ensure edge text is in all caps, and no taller than .15 inches at print size)


Face: 2.36" diameter
Edge: 7.43" x .223" (please ensure edge text is in all caps, and no taller than .15 inches at print size)

You do not need to design with bleed. Bleed is very minimal with our process, and we will make sure nothing is cut off on your design during production. It is best to design your chips exactly how you'd like them to look, and if we see anything that will cause issue, we will let you know and adjust.