What is Edge Stripe Alignment?

Edge stripe alignment refers to the alignment of the stripes or "spots" from the face of the chip to the edge of the chip. Ceramic chip faces and edges are printed in two separate processes, so in order to align the edge stripes, there is an extra process that is done manually on each chip in order to align the face with the edge. 

Edge stripe alignment is usually done to mimic the appearance of a traditional clay poker chip, where the sections of colored clay are molded through the entire chip. 

Please note that this process is done by hand and is not 100% perfect. A tolerance of up to 1mm off from centered is considered acceptable. The smaller/thinner your edge spots are, the more difficult they are to align perfectly.

This can only be done on chips with matching stripes on the face and edge, we cannot align text or images on the edge. The following signature chip designs have the option for edge stripe alignment:

-King of the River
-Tropic Oasis
-Valentino High Roller

Here's an example of what aligned edge chips look like:

You can see how the orange and purple stripes align and 'wrap' over from the top, to the edge of the chip.

Here is what a non-aligned chip looks like:

Here you can see that that stripes on the top and edge of the chip are not aligned.

We designed the King of the River chips with a solid colored border around the artwork so that the non-alignment isn't quite so obvious. If you choose the edge stripe alignment option on the King of the River chips, we'll extend out the stripes on the face of the chip so that they wrap over to the edge.