Custom Military and Law Enforcement Challenge Coin Poker Chips

Challenge coins are traditionally a small metal coin that includes a military insignia.  The term "challenge coin" comes from when these are used to prove that the holder of the coin is a member of that organization when challenged. However, there are many other uses. Service members in foreign countries such as Afghanistan or Iraq have used them to hand out to locals - whether law enforcement, military or civilian.  The coins are also used with service members visit other organizations.

As the popularity of challenge coins grows many people are realizing the cost of custom challenge coins. A 1.75" coin can cost up to $4.50+ per coin when purchasing 100 of coins!  The cost can be much more if only getting 50 coins.  Eve with high quantities of 300, 500, 1000+, or more, the cost can still be around $3.50 per coin.  Unfortunately, most people can not afford this.

While we recognize custom metal coins as being superior in a few aspects, with the price of our custom ceramic chips at just 20% of the cost of a custom metal coin, our custom ceramic chips are a perfect, affordable option!

Gene Azevedo
Gene Azevedo

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