How are golf ball markers used?

You may have seen custom ceramic golf ball markers before.  These are ceramic chips that can be fully customized with photos, text, artwork, or anything else you can think of.  They can include golf club logos, tournament or event information, family photos, contact information for businesses, silly "inside joke" pictures or phrases, coupons for rounds of golf, and much more.  But, you may not be familiar with golf ball markers and aren't really sure how they should be used when you are out playing golf.  

When you find you and your golf partners all on a small putting green, it can get crowded and even confusing.  Your ball may get in the way of someone's putt.  Or, with 3, 4, or more balls on the green, you may forget which ball is your's.  Golf ball markers fix both of these potential problems.  
Placing a custom golf ball marker
When placing the marker, it is put on the green directly behind the ball.  The golf ball is then lifted and not replaced until that player is up to putt. When the ball is replaced it is set on the green directly in front of the golf ball marker.  While not required, some markers will include a direction line or arrow to help with this placement.  The marker is then lifted so that it is not in the way of the putt.  The USGA has specific rules for placing a marker and lifting the golf ball.

Replacing the golf ball with a marker will make it easier to remember where your ball is on the green.  At the same time, it will also reduce the chance of interfering with another player's putt.

Most golfers will use a coin, such as a quarter, as a golf ball marker.  While this works most of the time, it can be confusing if you are with a group of other golfers and everyone is using a coin.  This is where custom golf ball markers succeed.
Custom Golf Ball Marker
When you use a custom marker instead of a common coin, you will always know which marker on the green is your's. Whether it has a photo of your family or just some text around a golf ball image and directional arrow, there will be no confusion as to where your ball is to be placed.   

Next time you are out on the links with a group of friends, stand out while not getting in the way - buy custom golf ball markers for as low as $0.55/marker.
Father and Son Golf Ball Marker

Gene Azevedo
Gene Azevedo

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