1000 Piece Nevada Jacks "Saloon Series" Set with Aluminum Case


1000pc Set Includes
Your Choice of Denominations and Quantities
1000 chip capacity aluminum case
1 Deck Nevada Jack Plastic Playing Cards
1 Plastic Dealer Button

The Saloon Series chips are available in the following denominations: 25 cent, $1, $5, $25, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, and $25000.

The "Semi-Custom" Option Includes:
-Custom colors
-Custom denominations not listed above (for example a $2 chip or $20 chip)

These chips are reminiscent of the old West, where Nevada Jack ruled the strip. We believe these chips would have been used in the Nevada Jacks Saloon - starting with low stakes cash games and increasing to unheard of high stakes cash pots. The Saloon Series chips are ceramic, casino quality poker chips that feature a fine linen finish. In addition to its casino feel, an advantage this chip has over other chips in the marketplace is the fact that the image is actually embedded in the material itself. NO stickers or stamps that will wear off. The perfect poker set; made by professionals for professionals. The Saloon Series is the newest addition to the Nevada Jacks poker chip line.