Roman Bounty Poker Chips (Set of 4)

This chip can be used as a regular bounty or you can take advantage of the chip's design to have "Dagger Pot." This bounty chip is sold in groups of four unique chips. It takes four unique chips to line up and create the dagger on the edges!

Depending on the number of players in the tourney it could be quite difficult to collect all 4 pieces, even if you knocked out 6 or 7 people, you might still need that one piece of the puzzle. Say you collect $5 for each bounty chip for the tourney. At the end of the tourney, players would get $4 for each bounty chip they collect as they knock players out. The other $1 of the $5 would go into a "Dagger Pot." Anyone who completes the dagger collects the pot created by the $1 entry. If nobody collects that pot, the money could carry over progressively to the next week's tournament, or a heads up match could be played consisting of those who collected the most pieces to determine the winner If two players completed the Dagger, they could split the dagger pot.

An order quantity of '1' equals one set of 4 chips.