Roman Show'em Chips (Pack of 10)

Our Classic Roman Show Em Chips are a great addition to your poker games.   What is a Show 'em chip? Add an exciting new element to poker nght. Anytime you just have to know what an opponent was holding, play your chip and force them to show. Seeing a mucked hand can catch someone in a bluff or simply help to understand a player's style of play. Use the chip against anyone at the table anytime.   During Buy-In, players can either purchase a show 'em chip or be given one for free. If you charge for your Show Em chips, be creative with your extra entry $$$. First 4-of-A-Kind of the night, first bad beat that eliminates a player, or create your own way to win the Show Em pot.  These are offered in groups of 10 chips. An order quantity of 1 is an order for 10 chips.