Card Wars Poker Plaque


 Price per plaque (USD)
 100+  $4.50

If your Card Wars Poker Chip set is not able to contain the size of your poker game, you may need some of these plaques. With cool galaxy photos in the background, these fit in perfectly with your existing set. The largest denomination is 100,000 so there is no game that is too big for these plaques.

  • Choose from three different denominations - 5,000 (pink), 25,000 (green) and 100,000 (blue).
  • Order as low as a single plaque for any or all of the denominations.
  • 85mm X 53mm in size.  40 grams in weight.
  • Pricing is based on the total number of plaques purchased.
  • Plaques are typically printed as ordered & will take approximately 2 weeks for production before your order ships.
  • Edges feature pastel colors contrasting the faces