Dropa Discs Plaque


 Price per plaque (USD)
 100+  $4.50

Need larger denominations for your poker game?  Or, do you just want to push in a stack of plaques when you go all-in?  Either way, these ceramic plaques will finish off your Dropa Discs Set.
  • Choose from three different denominations - $5,000 (blue), $10,000 (mint green), and $25,000 (grey).
  • When ordering, place the order for the total number of plaques that you want.  Then, just include a note during the checkout process to let us know how many of each denomination that you want.  
  • Order as low as a single plaque for any or all of the denominations.
  • 85mm X 53mm in size.  40 grams in weight.
  • Pricing is based on the total number of plaques purchased.