"Rabbit Season" Rabbit Hunting Chips (Pack of 10)

Wabbit Season is now open!  We are proud to offer our "Rabbit Hunting" chips!  Many thanks to those who have participated in creating the concept and artwork for these chips, especially 2_hotty (face artwork) and bigdog81 (edge artwork). The concept behind these chips is that at the beginning of the night, each player would receive one (or more of these chips), and at some point during the night, they could turn the chip in when they want to "Rabbit Hunt" - which means to see the undealt cards after a hand is finished in order to see who would have won if the hand had been played to the river.  Of course you could also "sell" these chips to the players who really want to use them, and sweeten the pot for everyone! These featured a text edge that reads "Shhhhhh, Be Vewy Vewy Quiet" on one side, and "I'm Hunting Wabbits" on the other side, with carrots in between.